“Life Without Oil” book review

100_3122Our book club finished this book at our last meeting.  We’ve found that certain types of books (and wine) provoke the best discussions.  This was one of them.

This book describes the likely scenarios as we run out of oil.  It’s written in a very readable style with some humor.  It takes a look at the big picture, without any particular bias or angst.  This tended to make the book very sobering and rather scary.  One of our members admitted that she couldn’t finish the book.

Basically, we are at the point of “Peak Oil”, which means that half of the oil in the ground has been sucked up and burned.  Of course, the other half is harder to get to and since demand is going up, the amount of available oil will slowly not be able to meet the demand.  This will have tremendous consequences in a number of ways throughout the world.  This book examines these consequences.

We all felt it was a good book to read.  I’m sure we’ve all thought about the future, and probably about most of the things in this book.  It just pulls it all together and presents it for a fun, somewhat depressing read.



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2 Responses to “Life Without Oil” book review

  1. Jennifer says:

    Have you seen Carbon Nation? Chk it out if not. This topic is so sad for us too. All of it. I can hardly believe that in my lifetime we are talking the end of polar bears and monarch butterflies.

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