Smaller government

Rant #2

All over the U.S., the Republican Party professes a love of smaller government.  However, in the Hoosier state, dominated completely by the Grand Old Party, that concept seems to be lost.

Given that this year the House and the Senate are overwhelmingly Republican, you might guess that there would be less governing.  However, a quick search of reveals 621 Senate bills and 615 House bills.  Thats more than 12 per senator and 6.15 per representative!  I suppose it’s good to know that they are hard at work, but is this really less government?

Perhaps these bills are simply an onslaught from the Democratic members of the General Assembly.  However, a quick look at the first twenty bills (I’m not going to check all 1200), shows that only two of them don’t have a Republican in the authors list.  So that’s not it.

Granted, some of them are quite important, such as SB100 which allows microbrewries to sell their beer at farmers markets, certainly one of the more noble causes.  What about micro-wineries?

How about SB524 which re-surveys the Indiana/Michigan state line.  Not Ohio, Kentucky, or Illinois, just Michigan.  Why does that state line need a new survey, it’s just a straight line?  What if Michigan doesn’t like our survey?  Are there going to be border wars?  Are our respective militias going to have a go at it?  This could be very entertaining.

I’d like to think that our elected officials are just taking this opportunity to clean up the laws of the state during a time when there won’t be much bickering.  I’m guessing not.

Another aspect of smaller government is lower taxes.  Woohoo!  Who’s against lower taxes?  Not our newly elected governor, who ran on the plan of lowering our state income tax.  Not our Democratic members of the state government, who also thought it was a good idea.  No, it’s our Republican members of the General Assembly who did away with Governor Pence’s request to lower our state income tax!

How is it that the Democratic party got saddled with the reputation of raising taxes anyway?  In all my time as a Hoosier, almost 30 years now, every tax increase (and there have been several), have come at the hands of Republicans.

I guess that it’s no surprise that the rhetoric and reality of politics don’t match up.  They never have and never will.

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