Photography tip – Starlings


If you google “starling”, most of the responses are in regards to how to get rid of them.  Ugly, filthy, pests, etc…  However, like most other birds, the closer you look at them, the prettier they are.  Starlings have an iridescent plumage, which changes color with the light.

I like to shoot them with lots of sunlight, or a flash.  Each shot will be a little different depending on how the light hits them.  It can be a bit of a surprise if you’re shooting them in the shade and use a flash.  Oscellated Turkeys in Belize are the same way.  Pretty cool!



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One Response to Photography tip – Starlings

  1. Jennifer says:

    Starlings are certainly gorgeous and you’ve really captured their colors! So glad spring is arriving in FW. It is here too and it makes us so happy. 🙂

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