Purple Deadnettle

The Purple Deadnettle is a tough little plant.

The Purple Deadnettle is an extremely common plant that is originally from Europe.  Most people consider a weed, an alien invasive, an evil plant to get rid of at any cost.  Others consider it edible, medicinal, or an herb to be made into tea.

From a distance, it doesn’t look like much, but up close it has delicate, intricately shaped lavender flowers.  It is one of the first to come up and bloom in the spring and can last most of the summer.  It is often seen in farm fields early in the spring where the whole field will look green and lavender.  If you live in northeast Indiana, it is probably in your garden.  It doesn’t seem to cause much trouble.  You just dig it or plow it under and go ahead and plant your crop.  I don’t know if it enhances the soil in any way, but it could.

I know the invasive plant haters would like to get rid of this plant, but I think it’s here to stay so we might as well get used to it.

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