Rant – Local developer to destroy trail

One of our local developers, Mike Thomas, is making a habit of destroying nice habitat and the environment to make himself richer.  He’s a multi-gajillionaire, but apparently that’s not enough money.  This time, he’s putting in a development right in the way of a planned long-distance trail, the Pufferbelly Trail.

At a plan commission meeting to present the development for approval, Fort Wayne Trails executive director, Lori Rose, presented the case for modifying the plans to allow the trail to go through, but was thoroughly rebuffed by Mike Thomas and the commission members.

“She is wrong, wrong and wrong,” Thomas said. “Let’s just call up the DNR and see if they have (money). Come on, folks.”  – It’s all about the money

“Vice President Ken Neumeister said he appreciated what Fort Wayne Trails is trying to do but doesn’t see how 30 days will make a difference.  “There’s economic development and a number of other things in play,” Neumeister said.” – Other things?  Such as beholdenment?  Why won’t he explain what the “other things” are?

The main problem is that as long as the world revolves around money, moneygrabbers like Mike Thomas will be waiting there with their maws wide open to grab every dollar that drops down from the maelstrom.  As long as the politicians are securely ensconced in the pockets of the moneymen, there can be no change to the system.

Thousands of people benefit from trails and natural habitat, but only the rich few benefit from destroying it.  Is there any way to wrest control of the world away from the rich and into the hands of the lower and middle classes?  The best thing to be done at the moment is to let your voices be heard.  The newspapers have already provided their opinions on the subject – News-Sentinel and Journal-Gazette.

So try writing your own letter to the editor to the Journal-Gazette and the News-Sentinel.

Addendum: Since the original post, the developer has changed his tune and is now cooperating with Fort Wayne Trails.  An appropriate “Rave” has been published here.



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