Earth Day

Another Earth Day.  Another time to reflect.  Are things getting better, worse, or staying the same.  I don’t know much about the rest of the world, so I can only give you my perspective.

In some ways, they are getting better.  Right now there is a real cool canoe trip going on.   A group of canoes and canoeists, sponsored by Save Maumee, are travelling the entire length of the Maumee River to promote the cleaning up of the river.  Theey started at Junk Ditch west of Fort Wayne, hit the St. Mary’s for a very short ways, then into the Maumee.   , They’re heading to Lake Erie, doing programs and press conferences along the way to promote the cleaning up of the river.  This is the most totally awesome thing that has been done around here in a long time!  You can check out their plans here.

In other ways they are getting worse.  There are about a hundred subdivisions in our county and they’re building more like mad.  Everywhere you look they’re tearing down the native habitat and creating non-native habitations.  In my opinion, loss of habitat is the single greatest problem in our county and it seems to be monitored closely only by the plan commission.

On the other hand, there is a lot more knowledge and cognizance of environmental issues than there used to be.  Most recently a developer tried to put a development in a spot where a public trail was planned.  Of course the plan commission was all in favor of it, but the public outcry quickly made them change their plans to allow for the trail.  This sort of thing needs to happen more often.

I suppose in the long run a glacier will come down from Michigan and wipe everything out, creating a fresh start, but I won’t be around then.

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One Response to Earth Day

  1. ellen ley says:

    Subdivisions in excess, in various states of incompletion, completion can be seen everywhere. A chemical plant wants to expand, the subdivisions near by complained about noise, removal of trees, installation of a fence and other issues. People feel a sense of increased entitlement when living in a subdivision, of course, they feel like the spaciousness of the subdivision, the reason perhaps, they moved there in the first place, should always remain spacious, in not allowing expansion, or building of any industrial establishments close by. Maybe people should move back to parts the city where industry, business establishments have shut down, been torn down, are not building at all, leaving vacant, spacious areas that real estate groups with an arrogant sense of entitlement to better, cheaper land, will not touch. But, that is okay, brings peace of mind, for me anyway, that I will not be seeing, hearing any earth movers tearing up the land, destroying empty lots, buildings, being reclaimed by nature, drawing in wildlife, heck, even great places for community gardens these acres, and acres of empty lots are.

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