Plant A Day – Twinleaf

Twinleaf Jeffersonia diphylla

Jeffersonia diphylla

Every year I try to get a picture of the flower of the Twinleaf.  I know where it grows, but it must only flower for a couple of days because I either see it just budding out, or with old spent flowers.

It’s a cool little plant with very distinctive leaves … just a pair of them that look like identical twins facing each other.  Whenever I get a shot of the flower, I’ll update this blog.

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One Response to Plant A Day – Twinleaf

  1. jabinb says:

    I found this today, but no flower either! I’ll keep checking. Thanks for this blog. I would have never even seen the Twinleaf if I hadn’t read this blog. I happened to look down to tie my shoe, and whoa…there it was. I thought…man, I know this because I just saw it on Paul’s blog. Awesome!

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