Plant A Day – Twoleaf Miterwort

Twoleaf Miterwort Mitella diphylla

Twoleaf Miterwort
Mitella diphylla

This is the last day of July, another month gone by. I thought I’d celebrate with one of my favorite plants, Miterwort, also known as Bishop’s Cap.  This plant is somewhat uncommon and found in high quality woodlands.  They’re perfect little plants with some basal leaves and exactly two leaves on their stems, hence the common name.  They’re somewhat inconspicuous in the woods, then you suddenly notice the spikes of white dots floating above the other vegetation.  Further investigation might reveal that they’re quite common in the area, although you didn’t notice them at first.

The common names seem to be a misnomer, since the flowers don’t look anything like a bishop’s mitre, or cap.  The flowers are delicate and pretty and could have reminded someone of some sort of headdress, but not a mitre.  If anyone knows, please comment on this blog.


Two leaves!

Two leaves!

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